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If you are viewing this site, chances are you will only be here for a few moments. Why? It's empty. No classifieds, no article worth reading... A shell. This site is for, by and about Crittenden County, Arkansas.

We could fill it with content from various sources and plug the holes with photos from a gazillion photo sharing websites. We could also lay claims to readership numbers in the thousands simply by being online. That would be wrong. The right thing for me to do is simply sit back and allow the wonderful people of this incredible part of the state the opportunity to take control of this portal and make it their own. I have promised that we would create the ultimate webazine for years... now it's here.

The time is now for the people of Crittenden County to take control of their public image. Let the world see what we are all about. A fresh and vibrant air is rising from the once depressed, dusty delta. We are moving from mud and dust to steel and glass while embracing one or the richest heritages known to America. The Gateway to the Delta is open for business.

Take a moment and register so that you can become a part of the only online media outlet in the region. Once you are registered and logged in, the site will open up with much more functionality and content.




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