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Every few years or so, it seems as though I either start this thing fresh or tear it down in disgust. Well, I’m tired. This time we are in it for the long run. I must answer the demand while holding those desiring (demanding) alternative media accountable. I consider them friends so that won’t be such a daunting task.
I love print media. If you know me you will understand that it is in my blood. It is as natural to me as an old pair of shoes beside the bed. It is soothing and comfortable. It is, as a source of important information, obsolete.
My hometown wants, needs and has again asked for someone to step up and offer an alternative to our beloved evening publication.
Well, it’s here and will undoubtedly sit idle until the potential fear of advertorial retribution subsides. I swear/and or affirm that the ad policy of this site will NEVER influence the editorial policy… or vice versa. That is the basis of journalistic integrity yet this is not about journalism… It is about INFORMATION.
I’m not a writer. I’m not a journalist. What I am is terrified to run words across this keyboard with the full knowledge that a few of my classmates (WMHS ’83) are certified grammar police. I only offer up the vehicle.

Jason Stark
Sr. Partner / Creative Director
Delta Creative, Inc.